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In both cases, you have a person who is primed to talk about your product. If they get a big reward for doing so, they are going to keep doing it.


Plenty of our conversations with friends and family are about experiences recently had and purchases recently made. By giving them something they see as being more valuable in exchange, consumers will actively and purposefully promote your brand to friends and family. Whether it is a product or service, points or monetary incentives, offer your customers something more fruitful than your competition who is merely jacking up prices and then giving out coupons.

A great way to get a consumer to download your app or register on your app or website is by offering them an incentive that they have to work for. Whether you are offering reward points or a cash incentive, you can offer X amount of points as long as Y action is performed.

  • The Danger Of Incentivizing Customer Reviews.
  • 1. Monetary Rewards.
  • The Danger Of Incentivizing Customer Reviews;

For example, they could receive a sign-on bonus that is unlocked once they are responsible for a certain amount of purchases made. Or, they are given a chance to win a reward once they have shared their referral code with three people.

Your current customers are the primary ones talking about your company right now, and they are also itching to save or make money. That's why you should take action to allow your existing customers to become your promoters. All you have to do is share a little bit of cash made from those purchases with them, or offer them incentives they see as being better than cash. You can also host giveaways, promotions and specials that you share exclusively on your app via push notifications or by some form of participation in a social media campaign that brings more attention to your brand.

When you do, everyone wins.

INCENTIVIZE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Young Entrepreneur Council YEC is an invitation-only, fee-based organization comprised of the world's most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger. YEC members repre Opinions expressed are those of the author. You receive incentives to incentivize you. The verb incent , a backformation of the noun incentive , has an OED entry that documents the forms incented and incenting , but none for plain incent.

Since then it has become a staple of business vocabulary.

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The noun incentive in the sense of payment to encourage a worker dates from Others reject incent , but accept incentivize , arguing that motivate does not have quite the same meaning:. There really is a difference between incentives and motivation. The minute you stop paying them to want what you want, they stop. And they are not motivated to do anything.

I Will Kill the Next Person That Says “Incentivize”

They were just incentivized to do just that. When a new word is perceived as filling a gap, it will prevail. Incentivize is here to stay, right along with amortize , alphabetize , anesthetize , burglarize , commercialize and all the other -ize verbs we may or may not find pleasing to the ear.

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  5. Incent , on the other hand, is supremely expendable. For one thing, it is used with the same meaning as incentivize. For another, the sound is so close to incite and incense as to invite misunderstanding. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! One purpose a neologism sometimes serves is to dissemble something that would be revealed with the use of a more familiar term, particularly the relationship that the giver of an incentive prefers to have with the recipient.

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