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Do you simply give up and walk away or stay and fight to keep it alive? You may have come across some of this advice in the past, but there is no denying that they hold some truth. You may be angry with your colleague, you boss, the cab driver or at yourself, but at the end of the day, remember not to take it out on your blameless spouse. Leave your crappy feelings out in the cold and do not let it cross the threshold into your home. Never be afraid to act silly. Remember to never play the blame game, if you can help it. Sure, there are scenarios whereby the culprit is easily discernible, but arguing over who left the garage door open and who forgot to put the milk back in the fridge are not even worth the effort anyway.

Remember that you are a team that promised to love and support each other. Take responsibility together and always remember to kill the resentment before it kills your marriage. Always focus on the good in your spouse. Once you only start seeing the bad, you know that you have a big problem, and you have to do something to change it right away. If you can keep appointments with your hairdresser, your bank manager, your boss and your dog walker, you can definitely make the effort to keep a date with your spouse.

Schedule date night at least twice a week and focus on each other. Take the time to communicate, laugh, touch and appreciate each other. Having kids is no excuse for not spending quality time together. Get a babysitter or pop open a bottle of wine in front of the fire once they have gone to bed. Unfaithfulness is one of the main reasons couples split up. No matter how much you lust for your secretary or your tennis coach, do not even think about breaking the trust that you promised your partner. You need to save a special place in your heart and soul for your spouse, and give them the key so that no one else is allowed in there.

Once you let someone else into that space, you will come to the point of no return. Guilt, anger and embarrassment will come in one fell swoop and replace trust, loyalty and love. Why do that to your special person? No one deserves to be hurt by your selfishness so ensure that you resist temptation. Make the effort to make your spouse happy even if it means you will have a so-so time doing so. However, she gives in to him often and plans beach holidays so that he can have a spot of fun in the waves.

Try to cherish and appreciate the things they enjoy and even if you still cannot get the hang of it years later, it will not matter because your partner will know that you tried and supported them anyway. That is what counts. How did they prevent an unhappy marriage after baby? You had to see this one coming. The truth is dating each other is what made you fall in love in the first place.

So it makes sense that you should keep dating to stay in love. You need time to be husband and wife instead of mom and dad. Especially if you have little ones at home. Remember, you always have time for the things you put first! It has everything you need for a romantic, at-home date with your sweetheart. So, no more excuses! Now you know how to rekindle your marriage using date night! Strong marriages make strong families. Not only does it provide your children with a sense of safety and security, but it shows them what real love should look like.

I get it, your husband is a grown man who can take care of himself and your children are small and need you. But do you know what they need the most? They need a happy home. And happy couples create happy homes. Not convinced? Am I right? You were always cuddling up, holding hands, and sneaking in extra kisses. Well, how affectionate are you now? After kids come along, things can get a little trickier in this department.

How to Keep Your Relationship Alive

If you have an unhappy marriage after baby, this is a great way for how to keep a relationship alive after baby. Part of our job as parents is to model what a strong marriage looks like. I want it to be glaringly obvious. Our kids know that after bedtime is our time! After the kids are in bed, I take a nice hot bubble bath this stuff is my favorite!

Afterward, I always feel more refreshed and more me. Especially at home. Adapt to and learn the art of flirting in front of your children. Have inside jokes! Find moments to laugh together. So start to rekindle romance if you have an unhappy marriage after baby! The truth is, being a mom is hard. Being a dad is hard. If one of you loses, you both lose. Instead of complaining and comparing, work together to support, complement, and encourage each other.

For the women, he discusses rebelling against the lies that our culture tells us. These are things like we have to have a man to be complete or we can change a man. There is a study guide included in this book, which would make it ideal to be used in a small group setting. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I thought some of his attempts at humor were a bit lame, but he got his message across even if I didn't always think some of the jokes were funny.

This book was previously published as "Going All the Way" and I read it when it was published under another name, not realizing this was the same book when I requested it from the publisher for review. I rarely re-read books and wouldn't have read it again had I realized this. As someone in my thirties who is single and has never been married, I didn't find a lot of new information in this book, but it's still a good read to remind myself of certain ideals. FTC disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. The opinions are my own. Jun 13, Henk-Jan van der Klis rated it liked it.

Craig Groeschel, founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch. He strives to put the bar on the highest possible position. Just as Christ loves his Church, we as man should love our wives. And in submission to their husbands, women do rebel against the current morals. Groeschel starts with priorities. Not the other way around and no others should replace this ranking.

Next is marriage preparation, where the pastor gives his point of view on finding the One, dating, courting, attracting, sexuality, communication, forgiveness and growing relationship with God. And yes, these were radically different from the pursuing of holiness afterwards. Large parts of the book deal with sin, grace and forgiveness.

Recovery and understanding each other. First, he offers a different perspective on a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

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And second, he plans to offer you hope. The book was released in as Going All the Way and now contains a study guide as well. Jun 16, Kristy rated it it was ok Shelves: reviewed. Oct 27, Jason Sandefer rated it really liked it Shelves: christian. Craig Groeschel doesn't hide behind an "I've got it all together, so let me tell you the answers," facade.

How To Date Your Spouse : 10 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Fun!

That's what I like about his style. He is honest enough to say, "I'm sorry to say we compromised Eventually we crossed some physical boundaries, never 'going all the way,' but we definitely went too far. The most dangerous thing for most couples is t Craig Groeschel doesn't hide behind an "I've got it all together, so let me tell you the answers," facade. The most dangerous thing for most couples is their "learn as we go" approach to their relationship. Because they think that love should always be melting hearts and giddy laughter, they are unwilling to do the hard work of love.

In the end, disillusionment sets in, and the "I guess he's just not the one for me" conversations start happening. Groeschel does a good job of tackling this type of "fuzzy logic" and others like: test-driving marriage, misplaced priorities, and mutual leadership. This is one of those books that you keep on the bookshelf for quick reference. It's packed with great illustrations and well written explanations of some of the most confusing issues that couples face.

For those about to get married or if you are currently sitting in the middle of a mucky marriage, this book takes the edge off of some very sensitive subjects while at the same time sharing the hard truth about what a marriage submitted to God and to one another really looks like. The study guide in the back is a great addition to the book.

It's not filled with vague generalities like most study guides. It makes the topics in the book very personal and applicable. The questions force you to personalize and honestly give an answer for each topic. It would be a great book to study in a couple's small group. Dec 19, Mara Kim rated it really liked it.

I have seen so many marriages fall apart. I believe much as to do with not being prepared to be married. It's not always fun and games. The honeymoon will wear off. Craig Groeschel makes an important point. You must find the One before you can find your Two. Jesus must be the center of your life. God first and then spouse second. This may not make you very popular but it will attract the right person into your life. Craig is able to keep your attention by sharing his personal stories along the wa I have seen so many marriages fall apart.

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Craig is able to keep your attention by sharing his personal stories along the way. This is a must read before getting married. Subjects include: dating, sex, forgiveness, and communication. He debunks the myth that there will be no consequences if you have sex prior to marriage. Or, you can have sex without intimacy. Satan is the Father of Lies and may convince you that's it's ok to play house before marriage. Will you necessarily fail if you do? I do not believe so. But, there is an emotional aspect that will come into play.

I highly recommend this to anyone no matter their age who is currently dating and seeking a spouse one day. It's easy to get caught up in emotions.

How Many Marriages Actually End In Happily Ever After?

I believe this book will help others to take a step back and realize that getting married is not a game. Do not believe that it's no big deal if it doesn't work out. It's a huge deal. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Jun 22, Jess Wigal rated it liked it. I read pages almost nonstop in 2 days.

The information was basically everything I had learned in church growing up and in premarital counseling. The only difference was it was coming from a guy who had been there, done that, and survived. It doesn't sound as preachy when it comes from someone who's been there done that. My only complaint about the book was that Groeschel spent too much time focusing on singles that are no I really enjoyed Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After by Craig Groeschel. My only complaint about the book was that Groeschel spent too much time focusing on singles that are not married.

These are the habits you need to break in order to save your marriage

The words "future spouse" and "when you get married in the future" came up more times than I was expecting. As I read the book the first half of the book made sense to talk about dating and preparing for marriage. However, the second half of the book could have more information directed toward only married couples. Since everything about the book and the beginning of the book the author said he wanted the book to be for anyone married or single. I would recommend this book to teenagers before they start dating or engaged couples during premarital counseling.

If you read it from someone who understands what it's like to live in a sex-crazed world and was a part of that type of lifestyle and still turn around and have a life that God is proud of. Every parent should give their sons and daughters this book on their 13th birthday or before they start dating.

Please visit and follow jessblogforbooks. Feb 17, Ellie Julio rated it really liked it.

Although I've been married almost 8 years, this was a good read for my husband and I as we take a fresh look at our relationship. There are definitely things in it we needed to hear! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to do romance and marriage God's way. Aug 01, Brent Soderstrum rated it really liked it Shelves: first-read. I recieved this book free from the Goodreads giveaway. I have been married before and if I get married again I would like to do it God's way this time. Groeschel starts out the book by saying that Jesus needs to be 1 for both you and your future wife or there will be problems which you won't be able to handle well. Your future spouse needs to be 2 ahead of kids, job, friends, family etc. Groeshel covers dating and physical intimacy which certainly bucks the trend of society which is to get as mu I recieved this book free from the Goodreads giveaway.

Groeshel covers dating and physical intimacy which certainly bucks the trend of society which is to get as much enjoyment as you can from everyone you can. He gives some great examples and most importantly give you God's word to back up what he says.