Manual Manufacturing Techniques for Microfabrication and Nanotechnology

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In: Inasaki I, ed. Initiatives of Precision Engineering at the Beginning of a Millennium. Some recent advances in multi-material micro-and nano-manufacturing. Micro-manufacturing: Research, technology outcomes and development issues. A roadmapping study in multi-material micro manufacture. Oxford: Elsevier, , xi—xxv Google Scholar. Investigation of micro-cutting operations. Nanogrinding of multilayered thin film amorphous Si solar panels. Yin L, Huang H. Brittle materials in nano-abrasive fabrication of optical mirror-surfaces.

Huo D. Micro-Cutting: Fundamentals and Applications. Lu Z, Yoneyama T. Micro cutting in the micro lathe turning system. A multiprocess machine tool for compound micromachining. Micro-cutting of steel to meet new requirements in miniaturization. State of the art on micromilling of materials, a review. Egashira K, Mizutani K. Micro-drilling of monocrystalline silicon using a cutting tool. Recent advances in mechanical micromachining. Micro grinding tool for manufacture of complex structures in brittle materials. Hoffmeister H, Wenda A.

Novel grinding tools for machining precision micro parts of hard and brittle materials. Development of microdiamond tools through electroless composite plating and investigation into micro-machining characteristics. Machining of micro aspherical mould inserts. Kim J, Kim D S.

Nano- and Microfabrication for Industrial and Biomedical Applications - 2nd Edition

Theoretical analysis of micro-cutting characteristics in ultra-precision machining. Shaw M C. Precision finishing. Cutting mechanisms and their influence on dynamic forces, vibrations and stability in microendmilling. Size effects on surface generation in micro milling of hardened tool steel. A static model of chip formation in microscale milling. An analytical model for the prediction of minimum chip thickness in micromachining. On the modeling and analysis of machining performance in micro-endmilling, Part I: Surface generation.

On the modeling and analysis of machining performance in micro-endmilling, Part II: Cutting force prediction. Effects of the friction coefficient on the minimum cutting thickness in micro cutting. Tool force and deflection compensation for small milling tools. Modeling micro-end-milling operations. Part I: Analytical cutting force model.

Part II: Tool run-out.

Estimation of cutter deflection based on study of cutting force and static flexibility. Tool deflection error compensation in five-axis ball-end milling of sculptured surface. Shabouk S, Nakamoto T. Micro machining of single crystal diamond by utilization of tool wear during cutting process of ferrous material. Kalpakjian S, Schmid S R. Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials. Microstructure grooves with a width of less than 50 mm cut with ground hard metal micro end mills.

Fabrication of micro carbide tools by ultrasonic vibration grinding. Micromilling of metal alloys with focused ion beam—Fabricated tools. Fabrication and cutting performance of cemented tungsten carbide micro-cutting tools. Micro-EDM—Recent developments and research issues. Fabrication of high aspect ratio microstructure arrays by micro reverse wire-EDM. Wang J, Han F. Simulation model of debris and bubble movement in consecutive-pulse discharge of electrical discharge machining. A review on various research trends in micro-EDM. An investigation of tube and rod electrode wear in micro EDM drilling.

A study of micro-electro discharge machining electrode wear. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Tool-path generation system for micro-electro discharge machining milling. Tsai Y, Masuzawa T. An index to evaluate the wear resistance of the electrode in micro-EDM. Uhlmann E, Roehner M. Investigations on reduction of tool electrode wear in micro-EDM using novel electrode materials.

A new tool wear compensation method based on real-time estimation of material removal volume in micro-EDM. Feasibility of wear compensation in micro EDM milling based on discharge counting and discharge population characterization. Wire electro-discharge grinding for micro-machining. Micro-electrode discharge machining: Factors affecting the quality of electrodes produced on the machine through the process of wire electro-discharge machining.

Micro-machining of cylindrical parts by electrical discharge grinding. Development of the cylindrical wire electrical discharge machining process, Part 1: Concept, design, and material removal rate. Development of the cylindrical wire electrical discharge machining process, Part 2: Surface integrity and roundness. Wire electro discharge grinding: surface finish optimisation. Research, development and commercialization of single-walled carbon nanotubes, its chemistry and application to carbon based nanotechnology.

Chemat Technology. Cospheric Nano. Green Millenium. Photo-catalyst nanomaterial and solution provider in the domain of environmental coating services and business integration. Grolltex, short for 'graphene-rolling-technologies', is an advanced materials and equipment company with its core strength creating products based on single layer, CVD generated graphene. Ishihara Corporation USA. The company offers high-quality in house manufacturing of monodispersed polystyrene latex particles, also known as uniform latex particles, latex nanoparticles, and monosized latex particles to the medical and scientific communities.

MTI Corporation. Producer of nanoparticles, crystals and manufacturer of precision machines for crystal and materials processing. Specializes in the fabrication of multi-component nanoparticles that are tailored for specific applications. Develops and manufactures biodegradable coolants, lubricants, abrasive slurries, cleaners, and specialty fluids for use in a wide variety of industries including ceria nanopowders for polishing applications.

Stanford Advanced Materials. Stanford Advanced Materials Corporation is a global supplier of a series of pure metals, alloys, ceramics and minerals such as oxides, chlorides, sulfides, oxysalts, etc. Stanford Materials. Worldwide supplier of rare earth, non-ferrous, advanced ceramic materials and carbon nanotubes. Affymetrix GeneChip microarray technology is the industry-standard tool for analyzing complex genetic information. The GeneChip solution consists of oligonucleotide arrays, instruments to process and analyze the arrays, and software tools to manage and mine the data.

AnaSpec, Inc. With a vision for innovation through synergy, AnaSpec offers expertise in three primary technologies: peptides, detection reagents, and combinatorial chemistry. AnaSpec carries a broad product line of biochemicals and reagents for basic research, high-throughput screening and drug discovery.

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In conjunction, AnaSpec provides premier custom services including peptide synthesis, antibody production, and assay development. Arrayit Corporation empowers the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment and cure. Arrogene is developing a new generation of diagnostic and therapeutic drugs based utilizing a family of new nano biopolymers.

Beckman Coulter. Beckman Coulter, Inc. Spanning the biomedical testing continuum — from pioneering medical research and clinical trials to laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing — Beckman Coulter's , installed systems provide essential biomedical information to enhance health care around the world. As a manufacturer of nanoliter dispensing equipment, BioDot has had extensive experience with the development BioDot is the leading supplier of system tools for the research, development and commercialization of diagnostic tests.

As a manufacturer of nanoliter dispensing equipment, BioDot has had extensive experience with the development of manufacturing processes for the protein array industry. BioNano Genomics. Combining the latest in nanotechnology and biotechnology, the company's Irys System with its nanovhannels allows to visualize the whole genome, capturing extremely long molecules at high resolution. Delpor develops the next generation Drug Delivery Systems that improve the clinical and commercial value of drugs and biopharmaceuticals. The company also has developed a microfabricated nanopore device for the sustained release of therapeutic agents.

Fluxion develops cellular analysis tools in the pharmaceutical, biotech and research industries. The company has developed a proprietary microfluidic platform which enables precise cellular manipulation, rapid low-volume compound addition, environmental control and software-based data acquisition.

Bionanotechnology and microfluidics provide the foundations for GeneFluidics' testing platform. The use of bionanotechnology drives high signal to noise ratios sensitivity , while the incorporation of microfluidics permits operational simplicity. Imagion Biosystems. The company's focus is on the rapidly emerging field of nanobiotechnology with an emphasis on the early detection and localization of cancer and other human diseases. Their technologies also hold the promise of providing image-guided therapy for the treatment of these diseases, as well as providing new methods for therapeutic intervention.

Develops and manufactures acoustic droplet ejection ADE systems, a fully automated, non-contact, nozzle-free technology to dispense nanoliters of liquids. Develops and markets biological detection systems based on luminescent lanthanide complexes, which provide a unique combination of sensitivity, reliability, flexibility and high throughput.

Maxwell Sensors. MSI's technology for multi-step multi-analyte chemiluminescent assays combines microfluidics, nanotechnology, and optoelectronics designed for both Immunoassay and Nucleic Acid Hybridization based applications. MicroConstants is a GLP-compliant Contract Research Organization CRO dedicated to providing premier quality bioanalytical, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetic, formulation and immunoassay support services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

Design, synthesis, and analysis of small molecule organic compounds for the pharmaceutical industry. Pacific Biosciences. Combining recent advances in nanofabrication, biochemistry, molecular biology, surface chemistry and optics, the company has created a powerful technology platform called single molecule, real-time, or SMRT, technology.

SMRT technology enables real-time analysis of biomolecules with single molecule resolution, which has the potential to transform our understanding of biological systems by providing a window into these systems that has not previously been open for scientific study. Stemedica Cell Technologies. The company uses a proprietary nanotechnology delivery systems designed to support the environment during stem cell culturing, harvesting, differentiation and post transplantation procedures.

Abeam Technologies. Abeam develops simulation software used in maskmaking and microelectronic industry; including an application to convert a SEM into a nanolithography tool. Aculon specializes in inventing and commercializing unique molecular-scale surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology discoveries made at Princeton University.

From electronic device and component manufacturing to industrial metal finishing to consumer appliances and electronics, Aculon adds value through nano-scale surface modification that delivers superior performance, process simplification and favorable economics. Advanced Ceramic Materials. One of the leading microprocessor manufacturers, the company is developing and manufacturing sub nm processor designs. Advenira Enterprises. AEP Technology. AEP 3D surface profilometers contact and non contact profilers excel in innovation, ease of use and precision.

They generate more than 2 million pixel image with picometer 0. The company develops and markets innovative AFM products and components for research, development, OEMs and education. Agilent Technologies. Agilent's nanotechnology instruments allow to image, manipulate, and characterize a wide variety of nanoscale behaviors - electrical, chemical, biological, molecular, and atomic. The company provides innovative SPM and AFM combined with confocal Raman spectroscopy instrumentation for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Alien Technology. Alien Technology has developed a nanotechnology based manufacturing system that is expected to dramatically reduce the manufacturing cost of many kinds of electronic products.

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  7. Alien's proprietary Fluidic Self Assembly FSA process helps to addresses key problems facing manufacturers of Radio Frequency tags including the high cost and limits to production capacity. Amprius' silicon nanowire technology enables a 10x improvement in anode capacity vs. Anatech USA delivers high vacuum systems with graphic state-of-the-art, 'Touch-Panel' intuitive control packages. Every effort is made to tailor the system to meet your needs and budget requirements. Electron Beam and Thermal Resistance source systems are also available.

    Gas Plasma vacuum systems with quartz or aluminum chambers. Systems are designed to clean at the molecular level, activate surfaces or etch surfaces. Anchor Semiconductor. Anchor Semiconductor, Inc. Applied Biosystems. Applied Biosystems Group serves the life science industry and research community by developing and marketing instrument-based systems, consumables, software, and services. Customers use these tools to analyze nucleic acids DNA and RNA , small molecules, and proteins to make scientific discoveries and develop new pharmaceuticals.

    Applied Chemical Laboratories. Applied Chemical Laboratories develops and manufactures advanced chemicals and polymers used in microelectronic, construction and composites industries. Applied Materials. Develops nanomanufacturing technology solutions with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, service and software products for the fabrication of semiconductor chips, flat panels, solar photovoltaic cells, flexible electronics and energy efficient glass. Applied Nanostructures. Asylum Research. BioSolar, Inc. Through the advanced manipulation of bio-based polymers, BioSolar intends to produce robust bio-based components that meet the stringent thermal and durability requirements of current solar cell manufacturing processes.

    Cadence delivers application specific kits and new-generation platforms of integrated design technologies and methodologies that help users address all aspects of electronics design in the nanometer era. California Lithium Battery. California Lithium Battery applies a new Argonne patented process to embed nano-silicon into graphene that Argonne tests show help to stabilize the silicon to create a superior lithium battery anode material. California Nanotechnologies. The company researches and manufactures nano-structured components and materials.

    CAPE Nano Products Photonic Amplification technology increases fluorescence brightness over times and distance over 10 times, compared to a monolayer. Carbon Design Innovations. The company has developed a unique process for the deterministic production of carbon nanotube CNT devices. This process allows Carbon Design Innovations to predictably produce CNTs with specified geometries and properties such as angle and length that offer many benefits for atomic force microscopes.

    Cavendish Kinetics. Cavitation Technologies CTi. Cavitation Technologies, Inc. CTi is an innovative leader in processing liquids, fluidic mixtures, emulsions and suspended solids. The Company has commercialized its patent-pending CTi Nano Neutralization process, offering the refiners of edible oils and fats significant yield improvements, substantial cost savings and environmental benefits. As an add-on to existing neutralization systems, the Company's patented Nano Reactor allows refiners to significantly reduce the processing costs, increase the yield and perfect the oil's quality.

    CHA Industries. CHA Industries is dedicated to the design, production and distribution of a full line of high vacuum deposition systems and associated equipment for precision coating. These include the QDI series UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer instruments designed to non-destructively measure the optical properties of microscopic samples. Cymer, the world's leading supplier of excimer light sources, delivers the deep ultraviolet DUV photolithography sources that are essential to today's semiconductor marketplace.

    Daylight Solutions. Daylight Solutions is a manufacturer of advanced molecular detection and imaging instruments as well as the world's leading manufacturer of miniature, room-temperature, mid-infrared lasers. Del Mar Photonics. Del Mar offers integration of femtosecond laser systems for research of ultrafast dynamics in nanophotonics, as well as multiphoton imaging, scanning probe microscopy, micromachining, ultrafast fluorescent kinetic and transient pump-probe absorption spectroscopy systems. Diamon-Fusion International.


    The company's coating process works at nanoscale levels, approximately 30 nanometers. The change of the molecular composition of the silica-based surface created by bonding nanoparticles enables the full efficiency of the coating process at an atomic scale. DryWired is a technology firm that licenses, customizes and distributes revolutionary patented nano-coating technologies globally. Expertech, Inc. Expertech provides its customers with the furnace systems, engineering and ongoing service support the semiconductor industry demands.

    Filmetrics is a leader in affordable and easy-to-use instruments for measuring film thickness 30 Angstrom to micrometer , index of refraction, and deposition rates. Wavelengths available from nm to nm. Configurations available for tabletop, in-situ, and in-line applications. Develops and manufactures valves with the capability of mixing and metering nanoliter volumes in a massively parallel fashion. Gamma Scientific. With over 50 years of innovation in optics, photonics and optoelectronics metrology, Gamma Scientific instruments are trusted by leading global organizations that require high-speed, precision measurements and custom configurations for the most challenging environments.

    A manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes. Green Earth Technologies. Helicon Thin Film Systems. The company's expertise and available facilities are sputtering services; reactive magnetron sputtering, reactive PVD, metal oxides, nitrides, fluorides, multi-layers, dichroic filters, high-temperature diffusion barriers, moisture barriers, protected silver and aluminum; various reactive sputtering tool layouts are available for process development.

    Herzan is a comprehensive solutions provider for the precision research environment. Specializing in active vibration isolation and high performance acoustic enclosures, Herzan products help researchers overcome even the most troublesome environmental challenges. HRL Laboratories. The company uses molecular beam epitaxy systems, materials processing and nanofabrication facilities to develop active and 'smart' materials as enablers for reconfigurable surfaces, adaptive structures and novel actuation as well as nanoelectronic materials to provide enhanced functionality and performance for future sensor and electronic systems.

    Hyper-Therm HTC. Design and development of advanced ceramic composite materials, coatings and thermal-structural components, including nanoengineered materials, produced by chemical vapor infiltration CVI and chemical vapor deposition CVD. HyperSolar is developing a breakthrough technology to produce renewable hydrogen and natural gas using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. These renewable gases can be used as direct replacements for traditional hydrogen and natural gas to power the world, without drilling or fracking, while mitigating CO2 emissions.

    Intermolecular, Inc. The company's Tempus HPC Platform provides manufacturers and their supply chain companies with integrated processing, characterization and informatics systems that exponentially accelerate learning in materials discovery, process development and IC device integration. The company is a leading provider of magnetic media deposition equipment to the hard disk drive industry and offer leading-edge, high-productivity etch systems to the semiconductor industry.

    Intevac also develops compact, cost-effective, high-sensitivity digital-optical products for the capture and display of low-light images and the optical analysis of materials. The company sells the Nanotube Modeler software, a program for generating xyz-coordinates for nanotubes and nanocones. These instruments are used for research and development, in industrial, medical, automotive, military, and consumer applications. Keysight Technologies. Keysight Technologies offers a wide range of high-precision atomic force microscopes AFM to meet your unique research needs.

    KLA-Tencor Corporation is a leading supplier of process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related microelectronics industries. LamdaGen manufactures a variety of functional nano-materials in the form of independent chips in common sizes and shapes for researchers who wish to work with a highly reproducible nano-structured metallic thin-film. Luxtera developed a Silicon Photonics technology platform that enables a new breed of monolithic opto-electronic devices manufactured in a low cost CMOS process.

    Mattson Technology. Mattson Technology, Inc. The company's strip and RTP equipment utilize innovative technology to deliver advanced processing performance and productivity gains to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide for the fabrication of current- and next-generation devices. MikroMasch supplies a wide range of AFM probes, calibration gratings and other accessories for scanning probe microscopes.

    Fundamentals of Microfabrication and Nanotechnology, Three-Volume Set

    MotiCont is a designer and manufacturer of precision positioning systems, linear motors and motion products. Nano-optic Devices. Nano-Optic Devices is designing, fabricating and testing a suite of optical elements for a broad range of disruptive applications in communications, computing, processing and sensing. NanOasis is utilizing carbon nanotube technology to make reverse osmosis membranes having breakthrough properties that will dramatically reduce the cost and energy itensity of desalination, water purification and other fluids separations.

    Develops nanotechnology software design tools that enable modeling and simulation of nano materials. Has developed a variety of synthesis routes to manufacture nanomaterials for wide range of applications. Nanofilm Microcircuit Technology.

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    Nanofilm provides consistent high quality thin-film coatings with superior adhesion. Nanofilm's coatings operate from the visible through the infrared spectral wavelengths. Custom coatings can also be applied to meet customer specifications. Nanometrics' product lines offer an extensive array of proprietary technologies in optics, software and systems integration designed to meet the process control requirements of today's advanced semiconductor technologies.

    Nanosolar's component nanoengineering capabilities are focused on certain optoelectronically relevant materials and include semiconductor quantum dots and nanoparticles as well as nanotemplates with precise three-dimensional order. Develops products based on a technology platform that allows the fabrication of nanostructures from one or more inorganic materials,. Nanounity supplies surface science analytical solutions through a range of synergistic products through partnerships with leading instrumentation manufacturers. Their core technologies are microscopy, metrology and spectroscopy. Unlike other manufactures Nanovea also provides Laboratory Services, offering clients availability to the latest technology and optimal results through improvements in testing standards.

    NeoPhotonics Corporation.

    here Develops technologies for fiber optical circuits, modules and subsystems in the optical communications using nanoscale fabrication and metrology. Offers innovative photonics for a wide range of ultrafast research applications including multiphoton microscopy, ultrafast micromachining and nanophotonics. Nordson MARCH manufactures plasma cleaning and treatment equipment, and plasma applications technology.

    OAI is a leading manufacturer of reliable, precision equipment for MEMS, semiconductors, nanotechnology, cleanroom automation, and for UV light measurement. Particle Sizing Systems. Pentagon Technologies.

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    The company develops innovative products and services that improve the productivity and utilization of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Phenomenex is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for chromatographic techniques in the areas of sample preparation, high-pressure liquid chromatography HPLC and gas chromatography GC. Picarro produces ultra-trace gas analyzers for environmental monitoring, automotive emission testing and high-tech manufacturing.