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In this workshop you will learn how to spiritually open up to your highest potential of pleasure in your body.

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  • Want to awaken your Goddess Touch and all of the other senses? Wear comfortable clothing so you can stretch and move freely.

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    • Please also bring a notebook and something to hydrate. Please register early before the class fills up! Some of them require you to be dominant and take the situation under your control while some need the man to be controlling. Believe it or not, men love to take a backseat and have their women dominate them once in a while in bed. Seize your chance today and reveal a side of you to your man which he has never seen before.

      21 Sex Positions To Channel Your Inner Goddess

      Stand straight leaning against a wall. Have your man bend his knee for you like you are his queen which you are and go down on you. Let your man lift your thigh and use his tongue on you down there which will send you to a pleasure world and turn on every inch of you! Sit your man down on a chair and make him yours.

      Face away from him and partially stand up. Bend a little in your knees and lean forward while your partner holds your waist to help yo balance yourself.


      Bend your knees and place your forehead on the bed with your arms placed forward. Let your man penetrate you from behind and doggie style all the way.

      This position is perfect for wild sex with deep and rough thrusts that would set both you and your partner into a sexual frenzy. Be the perpendicular to your man by lying on the top of a table adjacent to where he stands. Let him push in and pull out continuously for maximum pleasure.

      Miranda Hobbes: I'm going to find my inner goddess if it kills me.

      This position will also pave way for breast play which means nothing but added pleasure for the woman. This is one of the most dominant positions a woman can opt for. Ride your man and have the situation under your control as you channelize your inner Goddess and turn the heat up. Have your man lie down and sit on top of him. This position provides the man with an optical feast and allows breast fondling.

      It is one of those few positions which are equally stimulating for the man as well as woman.