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From miles away, some twins say they can sometimes sense that something's up or that something might be wrong with their other half. Take these twins who realized they were both pregnant at the same time , or these twins who claim they can feel each other's pain.

Why the children of the identical twin couples will be SIBLINGS

It might seem like common sense to view separate people separately, but for some reason, that notion goes out the window when it comes to twins. As strange as it may sound, twins are pretty proud to be twins. Many get excited when they meet other twins and will often share twin stories back and forth. There's even a festival every year that brings thousands of sets of twins together to celebrate the fact that they were born in twos.

A big question that twins always get is "Who's older? While some twins have been born hours apart , most are born within minutes of each other.

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Regardless of the timing though, the older one tends to feel superior. And speaking from personal experience, they will likely hold that insignificant fact over their twin's head for the rest of their lives. The first question out of anyone's mouth when they learn someone is a twin is: "Are you identical or fraternal? They'll always have someone to play with, which will let you off the hook if you're busy.

And if you're really lucky, they will have a few of the same interests, meaning their extracurricular activities will fall at the same time and place. Every time I tell someone I'm a twin I get ton of questions: "What's it like being a twin? Amy Daire.

Second-ever pair of semi-identical twins identified in Australia | New Scientist

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How do twins occur?

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For an explanation, we went straight to the literal source: Their mother. In fact, my husband and I specifically planned to have our girls 7 years apart, which is what we did.

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Medically, this 7-year defect is very rare. Twins are typically born with a bit of a delay — a few minutes to a few hours. Some even have separate birthdays, due to being born just before and just after midnight. The Zeitgest girls were not only born 7 years apart, but Ms.

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It was like I was an only child, and then I had a twin. These girls are twins, no doubt about it.

10 Siblings Who Are One In A Million

Additionally, they claim a certain telepathic twin-feeling, the sort that many twins have been known to report. The twins admit it can be difficult to be constantly having to explain themselves. She has appeared in The Marvelous Mrs.

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