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Since the break-up of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler has shown no interest in re-forming the band and is quoted as saying "Oh, I don't know whether to start getting all that stuff back together again," [80] and telling reporters that "I would only do that for a charity. I'm glad I've experienced it all — I had a lot of fun with it — but I like things the way they are.

In , Knopfler said he did not miss the global fame that came his way at the height of the band's success, explaining that "It just got too big. Knopfler declined, saying that he was often reluctant to re-form the group and insisted that he "isn't even a fan of Dire Straits' early hits. He's having a perfectly good time doing what he's doing. A plaque was placed on a block of flats in Deptford , London, the location where Dire Straits played their first gig. We have spoken about [the induction], and we just said, 'Oh, that's nice.

I'll definitely be there, and I'll definitely talk Mark into coming as well. It's essentially up to him if he wants to do anything, and I completely respect his feelings about it. He doesn't want too much white light. Let's just leave it at that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British rock band. For other uses, see Dire Straits disambiguation.

Roots rock blues rock pub rock. Vertigo Mercury Warner Bros. Although it was first released in , it was its re-release that caused it to become a hit in both the UK and US. Main article: List of Dire Straits band members. Main article: Dire Straits discography. The Ilkley Gazette. Retrieved 13 September Retrieved 19 August The compact disc turns 30". Retrieved 11 March The Guardian. Retrieved 27 January BBC News , 4 December Retrieved: 14 January Retrieved: 29 December The Encyclopedia of Popular Music. Omnibus Press. Dire Straits. Sidgwick and Jackson.

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St Ives , N. Ultratop Retrieved 11 January Library and Archives Canada. Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 11 July InfoDisc in French. Select "Bonnie Tyler" from the artist drop-down menu. Archived from the original on 20 September GfK Entertainment Charts. Irish Singles Chart. Hit Parade Italia. Creative Commons. Dutch Top Single Top Top 40 Singles. Singles Top Swiss Singles Chart. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 4 February Cash Box. Archived from the original on 13 September Hung Medien. Les classement single. Retrieved 29 August Archived from the original on 6 October Recorded Music New Zealand.

Retrieved 28 April BPI Year Book British Phonographic Industry. The Longbored Surfer. Archived from the original on 11 September Retrieved 5 January Music Canada. IFPI Denmark. Scroll through the page-list below until year to obtain certification. Archived from the original on 5 June Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Select "" in the "Anno" drop-down menu. Select "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in the "Filtra" field. Select "Singoli online" under "Sezione".

Select singles in the Format field. Select Gold in the Certification field. Recording Industry Association of America. Western Mail. Retrieved 27 July Daily Mirror. Retrieved 2 April Retrieved 21 August ABC News. Retrieved 17 August Irish Independent. Turn Around ". Apple, Inc. BBC Wales. The Village Voice. Archived from the original on 4 November Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 17 April Part One ".

Retrieved 8 November In Newsweekly. Interviewed by Dave O'.

Retrieved 3 April Retrieved 14 March Archived from the original on 9 January He included a very good aerial photo of Stanley Fort and peninsular, which I had not seen before. It consists of both family members of BAAG personnel and people like me who are simply very interested. As far as I know there was not, but cigarettes primarily from the Red Cross did of course get into the camps. August 1st, Update. July Images. Many of the Lisbon Maru survivors seem to have led rather colourful post-war lives, but none more so than Jack! But I will have to leave the details until after the TV documentary is finished.

However, I discovered that it is available online here. I showed a couple whom I took up there yesterday the item.

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One chap looked under the pot and found a couple of Polaroid photos of a dog wrapped there. Perhaps someone liked taking the pooch for walk on the Maclehose Trail?! How time flies! I already have a reading list for this trip, so will have to review it next month instead. Your knowledge and expertise is absolutely invaluable to us.

I watched a rough cut on Friday and the scene with you and [Mr X] is totally brilliant. I know you also went out of your way to do the walk with him to North Point and have been in liaison with him since. Does anyone know where the details of MiDs are kept? MiDs are gazetted, but without citations. So far it looks pretty good. This makes a very useful library which must have taken hundreds of hours to compile. This makes four of these now in my collection. See December Today he related one of a survivor who never recovered from the trauma of his experiences which, aside from the sinking of the ship, included being shot in the head , tried to murder his wife in , and spent the remainder of his life in prisons and an institution for the criminally insane.

George is on the right. We will be holding the service on Saturday, August 17th, from a. There is parking across the street at the National Research Council. However, it worked more like a printing press using ink. Nice location! Chi Man explained some very interesting research he is looking at, which hopefully I can assist with. The strangest thing about the conversation was the discovery that we are both visiting Elizabeth Ride in Norway next month, just days apart!

He also kindly gave me a Japanese document showing how many Hong Kong people they ejected from the Colony during the war. It came to 1,,, which is remarkably close to the most likely estimate 1,, that I established in a recent paper for the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.

The document is difficult to read, but some of our Group may be interested in this aspect of our many-faceted BAAG. The local wild pigs have really made that area their home, and in case anyone has any doubt as to who the culprits are, they thoughtfully left some nice clear trotter prints! July 1st, Update. June Images. One thing I should do is check the Hong Kong Cemetery Colonial Cemetery graves register, and the registers for other formal cemeteries. I have also ordered the book Bold Venture. While it has had mixed reviews, at the moment there is very little literature about the American bombing of Hong Kong.

I found it easily enough, very close to the Stubbs Road entrance, and surrounded by a number of other Chinese and Russian burials from the occupation years. On the way back I passed through the botanical gardens and took a photo of the war-damaged memorial to Chinese civilians lost in the world wars. I saw my first dog fight and a plane coming down smack into the sea and a pilot bailing out at a high altitude. They had an infant son, Vitaly Komaroff, who was not with them. He was adopted by a couple, Felix and Claire Suter.

Felix was Swiss and Claire was French. These unfortunate people are not in any of my files, which make me think a they must still have had Russian nationality at this time, and b there may be other third-nationals missing from my files. By the way, Paul has a website in which he has documented his childhood experience of this particular bombing raid. Definitely worth a read.

Martin, 41st Infantry Regiment, and had been in Oeyama and Chikko. There could well be a few spellings still to perfect, but aside from that the work is complete. Interestingly, 1, is the number that the Japanese claimed all the time.

If any of the BAAG group are interested, you can find these reports by consulting the Index as follows: 1. As far as we can tell, he enlisted as Thomas Williams but his real name was Samuel Boyce. We would both be grateful if anyone could identify it! I have been looking at BAAG records from Hong Kong at the time to see if any agent described the right sort of vessel at the right sort of time, but no luck yet.

From what we know, they were missionaries in Hong Kong and killed in a bombing around We only have their surname unfortunately, Komaroff, and believe they were from Russia.

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Would you have any suggestions about how we might track down what happened to them and more about their story? Rifleman Fredette has kept many items from those days, including a jar of tobacco issued in Japan! Gilbert, Royal Rifles of Canada. On this one the initials of the artist M. B are clear with the date June 1st, Update. May Images. This month I finalised a full-length article for the next Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society describing the starvation, the mass exodus, and the persecution of these civilians.

Using every source I could find, I have attempted to calculate a total number of deaths and justify my conclusions. Hopefully there will also be a Hong Kong launch later in the year. Bennett was one of those who made trips from Stanley into town to spend the money loaned to the internees by the Japanese in spring He was guaranteed out of Stanley, probably by his Macanese wife, and in town he became a BAAG agent as well as smuggling money, messages etc into Stanley.

He was executed on Stanley Beach on October 29th, I had met him on his last visit to Hong Kong. She kindly presented me with a copy of a privately printed booklet containing many of his diary pages and illustrations from Shamshuipo. One is a short review of the Anslow and Charter journals, and the other is a full-length study of Chinese civilian fatalities in Hong Kong I hope the latter leads to much useful debate. It was a lot of fun, and the Pen looked after us very well. My original list ran to 1, but it seems that we are now down to 1, — suspiciously close to the official Japanese number of 1, This month I was too busy travelling to look into this properly, but I will do so in June.

Then I pushed it gently away from the road. Interestingly, we visited the Clipper Lounge from which their helicopter flies, and I loved the aeronautical decor! Unfortunately I have to be secretive about this project for the moment, but will announce details in due course. Does anyone know the original source? I will visit it next time I go up there. It subsequently discharged itself due to heat and shot him in the leg hitting an artery, he survived but almost bled to death.

However, the path up to the summit is pretty badly eroded now. There were also a lot of wild pig diggings, one of which had excavated the back end of a Canadian. I followed it to the old Artillery Observation Post, which for some reason I had never visited before. May the first is a little late in the year to be seeing the pigs. Archie and Liz both returned to HK after the war. May 1st, Update. April Images. This month I was asked an urgent question about them, but unfortunately and perhaps surprisingly I have never been in touch with the family.

Can anyone help? Dad was very ill at the time but wanted to be part of the memorial ceremony in Horsham where they lived. They describe how they escaped with a third colleague, Howard Swaney of San Francisco, and four privates of a British Middlesex Regiment. The team stole three small boats and rowed to Lantau. Mr Swaney became ill and decided to surrender to the Japanese and was believed killed too. Hatlan and Casey then left ear in February with Chinese assistance and successfully escaped.

He also describes meeting a Chinese gentleman, after the two groups separated, who told them all three Americans had been killed. The British, he says, were recaptured on the 29th. They would not have left us children behind if that were true I was able to dig it out with bare hands. There was an empty plastic envelope in the lid of the box.

I left everything in situ. His name was Robert Thomas Matheson, and when he became ill he returned to Brisbane, Queensland and died but his wife Lillian was in Hong Kong with their daughter at the time of his death in Marjorie visited Brisbane on various occasions, so I remember her well [and] we visited Hong Kong on our way back to Australia in , when Marjorie took us to the Repulse Bay Hotel.

She was a big lady and the Japanese were small!! And I read somewhere someone asking if it was her who was in charge of the Helena May, well it was her. Marjorie lived her whole life over there and died in in Hong Kong. Today both are buried in Colchester Cemetery. The three known and infamous plane crashes were on 10 September so it would be feasible for someone injured on that day passing away on the 24th. However, only one of the three B24s that crashed that day had survivors.

I checked the MACR and there is no one of this name listed. However, for the first time I realised that three, or possibly four, of the survivors picked up at sea were indeed ex Lisbon Maru. So I wonder if there was a fourth plane crash? I never had the chance to follow that lead up. Not only does he have a great photo of his father, but also the nominal roll of 36th Battery. This is extraordinarily helpful. Prior to this I had a pretty complete list of 8th Coast Regiment gunners, and a roll for 30th Battery.

Now, with 30th and 36th documented, I can be sure that the majority of names I have remaining are from the third and last Battery: It also seems from these documents that 12, 30, and 36 Batteries were known as A, B, and C Batteries.

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I was looking for bits and pieces but it was pretty pointless as the summit was in thick fog. At one point I found a cartridge but it turned out to be a blank from post-war British carbine. Only a short way along it I happened to look up to my right. Now, I must have walked along that path a hundred times, but I had never before noticed what looks like a long, low, brick built gun position. Very interesting!

Close enough to see the flash of the bomb, I would imagine. A number of families have told me that their fathers or grandfathers had seen the Hiroshima or Nagasaki Bomb, and up till now I have discounted these as probably a mis-remembering of travelling through one or other of these cities after Liberation.

But this account sounds credible. I certainly consider it to be one of the better efforts. The Shamshuipo POW list shows him as having been on the Lisbon Maru, but his card shows that this is clearly an error. Early in the mornings I like to climb High West, and today near the base of the path I found a smashed. And I just don't know how to start. It is related to my grandfather, who was killed in - nowadays it is called Shatin - during the first few nights of invasion. Based on the story from my dad, they landed somewhere close to that area for equipment and supplies unloading, and my grandfather was killed on the night of the landing.

My father's family took the body to some [Air Raid] shelter along with 3 other bodies. I am tasked to find the remains, if there is a way. My ask is, do you have any idea how I can start the search? Selwyn Clarke had said that some 4, civilians perished in the invasion, and those bodies which were formally recovered appear to have been mainly buried in mass graves. Colonel Boyes-Cooper. Previously I had corresponded with their archivists in London, going back as far Edwin Green, But this new archive is super high tech and impressive, and also very hospitable!

I was very pleased to see that they had fibreglass replicas of the two lions downstairs, complete and accurate down to the last piece of shrapnel damage! April 1st, Update. March Images. March News This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival in Hong Kong.

And in those days before the Internet propagated to most ordinary people, it seemed that I was the sole person interested in the period. Fortunately they were wrong. I had some lucky breakthroughs and discovered that there were plenty of survivors then still around, and they wanted to talk to me so their stories would not be forgotten. And family after family had kept diaries, letters, and all sorts of other documents.

Now times have changed. Your Garrison List confirms his presence, as Lost Current price GBP He became a despatch corps messenger during the fighting. After the surrender he joined all the British civilians sent to Stanley. Having no family, he had to fend for himself in the camp where he worked in the kitchen and got extra food.

He attended the camp school and sat his O levels there. I knew him by sight. War over, he was united with his mother in England; his father had died, and his elder brother - shot down in the war. Bill joined the RAF and served for 23 years. I re-met Bill 5 years ago through the Java Club, at a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace; later I met him and his wife Kay at other Java club functions, he was a happy and vital member of the club. If the rest of the book is as absorbing as this chapter, then I am certainly buying a copy!

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Hopefully it will be launched in Hong Kong towards the end of this year. Among many other things, the story mentions the Church Guest House, which is only about five minutes walk from where I live. They wish to list on the memorial all the Chinese British Army units from to I reminded her that it was Osaka 1B. I took a quick photo of Portal and when I have more time I should go back and walk round the entire hill and see how many are still visible in total. As far as I can tell, it is almost entirely accurate. It is impossible now to calculate how my life would have turned out had I not made that move, but I am very glad that I did!

The main problem is With the exception of the Pipers in that battalion, nobody else wore kilts. Not the commissioned officers, not the warrant officers nor the rank and file. Only the Pipers The only battalion of the Royal Scots in which all wore the kilt was a Territorial battalion, specifically the Dandy Ninth, e. Do you have any other information about the photograph? Blurb contains photo of him allegedly in Gordon Highlanders. When I knew Gar, he and his wife Fran had no children, but apparently he had children from an earlier marriage.

I have just bought tickets to see it running at the tank fest. I really hope that they show in the UK the Lisbon Maru documentary that you have been working on, as a point of interest In the Army museum in Chelsea, before they did the massive refurb, they had on display a model of the Lisbon Maru, alongside a fan that belonged to the Japanese captain. They no longer display those items, they also used to display the stone that used to be on the peak mentioned in Martin booths book Gweilo; Tyndareus stone alongside a magnificent oil painting of the survivors of the ship wreck.

The Battalion had embarked in England and were en route for Hong Kong to carry out garrison duties. The 1st Battalion of the Regiment subsequently fought with distinction during the defence of Hong Kong — December Though it is perfectly possible that sub-editors might have deleted words for reasons of space. Elizabeth Ride today sent some biographical details of Dr Raymond Lee. In view of their condition which was caused by malnutrition and starvation it was a hopeless fight in dealing with them in an ambulatory manner because what they required more than anything else was food and more food.

Since no organisation took any interest in these poor helpless wrecks it fell on the Medical Unit in initiating relief measures. March 1st, Update.

February Images. But I am still looking for more diaries and photos of this unit if anyone can help. You would think a captain would be relatively easy to track down, but I have had no success. I will of course provide updates as the project progresses. He also very kindly sent me a number of transcripts of interviews with veterans conducted by Chuck Rolands. He will be missed. He also kindly attached a photo of Atkins. He asks what is the meaning of the group names under 30 Coast Battery in my nominal roles?

I can possibly guess some, but am looking for an authoritative answer. He was 94 years old. His birthday was January 30, The original mistake is in the CWGC records. However, this is very useful as the transliteration of Chinese names to British in those days was pretty irregular, and in practice the Chinese versions are fare more useful. With the help of these plaques I have updated my records, but am left with far more questions than answers. El Arculli is a name famous in Hong Kong history, and the family is still very influential today.

The extensive translation and editing work is now about to start, and I am looking forward to the cooperation with the professional translator and the publisher. But he was transferred to the Middlesex during the battle and was killed on Christmas Eve. His widow later married Policeman Searle they were both in Stanley Camp. According to my mother he had come first in his law exams whether in HK or the UK I do not know , and was a Yorkshireman, with family, including a sister, in Yorkshire.

My mother told me that he was picked out from the HKVDC to be an officer in the Middlesex Regiment as he was seen as extremely efficient, brave, and outstanding officer material. I do not know the date of his transfer. The Middlesex Regt, D. In it he describes his duties: his main job was to liaise with the Police, and went every evening to Central Police Station 8 Banham Road, where he mentions seeing Lance Calthrop. The night before he had been going up on high ground every hill searching for spies. He also mentions in this letter that Professor Simpson with the Gunners was wounded loosing his little finger.

He also mentions meeting up with a Major Gunn of the Royal Scots. His regiment was rather reduced in numbers at this time and he mentions that his Quartermaster is Capt.

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Your husband was killed going out to see what had happened to a patrol which the G. At the time he was in command of a mixed detachment of Middlesex, R. He had handled his command with great gallantry and I placed the utmost reliance on his judgment. He was a grand example to my men. Until the fatal night he had been attached to my HQ and had shown himself a most able and reliable officer. I find it most difficult to believe he has gone. As you know he was slightly wounded by a bayonet wound in his leg and I was glad to be able to send him to Bowen Rd to see you that night.

I know, from the very little he said to me how fond and proud he was of you and you can rest assured that no one but you was ever in his mind. Speaking personally I have lost a hastily made friend and my sympathy in your irreparable loss goes out to you. Believe me, Yours sincerely, H. There is still some tuning up to do, but it seems possible to establish a credible range of ,, I am hoping this will be published by the Royal Asiatic Society. But only 37 names from their 56 fatalities were listed. Perhaps I missed a panel? Evans was one of the three men who not only survived the Lisbon Maru, but evaded recapture.

Evans, English inspector of the British American Tobacco Company, was shot dead last night in Saigon by Vietminh terrorists, who also shot and killed a Vietnamese policeman. Police believe the terrorists mistook Mr. Evans, aged 47, of 12 Crown Crescent, Scarborough, for someone else. Evans arrived in Saigon from Djakarta last month, and was driving the French assistant manager of the tobacco company, M. Maurice Lebas, and two friends from the factory at Cholon. They were stopped by a group of four Vietnamese, including a girl. The men in the group opened fire with automatic pistols.

Evans was shot through the head and died instantly. Lebas was wounded twice in the arms. The killers escaped in a waiting car, but were challenged by a Vietnamese police patrol. The police opened fire and the Vietminh men replied, killing one policeman. The car vanished in the traffic. The Franco-Vietnamese Surete has launched an extensive search. Evans, who left Britain last January, leaves a widow, a French-woman, living in Saigon. Evans had no children. He is a member of a Bristol family, and is a brother of Mr. Evans, secretary of the Scarborough Rugby Union Club. He was in Scarborough on leave last year, and was expected on leave again in August - Reuter.

He was killed in a firefight there in the mids.

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But I never thought to warn anyone of unexploded potatoes … 2 I set off on my usual route up the hills early this morning, and almost immediately came face to face with a Masked Civet Cat on Hornsey Road! Our older son was staying with us over the summer and said he often saw them there, when running at night when the temperature dropped. Later on the same walk, on Chatham Road, I found another porcupine quill.

I keep a little glass of them now, in my study illustrated — which might give you an interesting view into a corner of my study!