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Constant, along with the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association, last month filed legal papers to stop the city from overturningMeasure B and replacing it with a negotiated settlementwithunions.

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The effort is funded by Republican billionaire Charles Munger, Jr. The post Measure B lawsuit: Who really wrote the thing, anyway?

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By The Times-Standard. Pete Constant Former San Jose Councilman Pete Constant will ask a judge Tuesdayto stopthe cityfrom repealingMeasure B, the pension reform lawhe helped author that voters approved in But did Constantreally help writeMeasure B? Not a big deal. To me at least. Or anyways. It acknowledges some sort of bond, for me at least. I am very educated, and I lived at a college for the last four years.

I interacted with faculty and fellow students on a daily basis. The only person who ever corrected me on it was my mother, but she grew up in Jamaica, where the people speak a dialect of British English. Has anyone noticed that Adam Sandler says it a billion times in all of his movies?

Off topic, but using the word female for a human being instead of woman. This is not incorrect, but it pulls out all my feathers. I think if you hear it in public, or on the internet, why bother correcting it? Let it go. I agree that there is something incredibly beautiful about spoken language, remarkably different than written language. Slang is tremendously clever, creative and ingenious.

Americans do not care who or how something is made they shop on price. Americans speak in similar fashion, cheap. They talk to much, they say very little, they know very little and yet the continue to speak.

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As grating as it is incorrect it speaks bounds about the utterer whose tongue this colloquialism rolls off. Any wonder why it is exclusively an American term? You are discriminating against Americans. You have not met all Americans. Not all Americans speak cheaply. Not all Americans are stupid.

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Not all Americans have high-pitched voices. Anyways, women have high-pitched voices. Not just American women.

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British women do. So do Canadian women. So do European women. You are being close-minded.

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I highly recommend looking it up online. Victoria your response could not be better. Thank you for sticking up for the uneducated ubiquitous masses whose speech lingers but for moment and is as evanescent as the dew.

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Jonathan before you begin to critic others it would be good to look at what you wrote. They talk TO much, they say very little, they know very little and yet the continue to speak. THERE voices are often high pitched and grating.

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This is just the way we North Americans say it, whether we are uneducated or not. Get over it! That is like fingernails on a blackboard to me. I recognize that some kind of standard needs to be upheld, but if a person knows the standard yet chooses to use improper English for whatever reason, then I say, speak and let speak. For example, in the U. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy knowing and using various colloquialisms because they embody a living language.

They add character, vitality and panache. Furthermore, English has evolved almost exclusively from colloquial corruptions. And some good.

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No gimmicks. No business talent to speak of. Nothing beyond write and share that writing on Facebook and Twitter.

Well, sort of. When I started, I had a clear purpose, direction and reason for writing: I wanted to know if other mothers felt like I did. I could not find anybody writing or saying what I saw, felt, lived. So I decided I was going to write the truth of my existence — however raw, ugly, embarrassing, contradictory or weird that may be — simply to determine if the rest of the parenting world was insane or I was. It was my story. It was the thing deep in my gut that kept nagging and wondering.